ION and PGS renew fleet-wide agreement for Orca command and control software
Monday, Jun 12, 2017
ION Geophysical Corporation and Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) announced a joint agreement for ION to continue supplying Orca® software to PGS' fleet for another five years.  This contract extends the parties' technology partnership in marine command and control solutions to over 30 years.

Orca seamlessly integrates and manages data and workflows for seismic data acquisition, enabling geophysical service providers to control operations in the most safe, efficient manner in increasingly diverse modes of acquisition.  The system streamlines visibility and control to powerfully execute challenging geometries and multi-vessel operations while delivering simple, efficient processes for 2D, 3D and 4D acquisition.  Orca's automated workflows are designed to significantly improve seismic operational efficiency through reduced downtime, minimal infill, lower costs, and shorter cycle time.

"PGS remains committed to being the technology leader in marine seismic acquisition," stated Per Arild Reksnes, EVP of Operations at PGS. "We have been using Orca for many years and the quality of the product and customer service provided by ION is important to our operations.  PGS' major advances in offshore seismic acquisition technology have been well supported by corresponding developments in the Orca platform, including interfaces to our proprietary GeoStreamer marine seismic system.  A new, long-term agreement requires cooperation on a robust product roadmap, and we are pleased that Orca will support PGS' unique vision for the future."

"We're pleased to continue our long-standing collaboration with PGS on our industry's leading platform for command and control, which continues to enable improvements in both safety, precision and efficiency across the marine seismic acquisition workflow," said Chris Usher, EVP of ION's E&P Operations Optimization group.  "This deal secures our market leadership, and is a foundation for working with a leader in marine seismic acquisition to extend the value of the Orca solution from ship to shore and to comprehend multiple simultaneous operations within the survey area."

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